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MGMT is an amazing band. they rockz. Check ’em out. Their amazing, calming yet exhilarating! Synth – Indie rock yet still sounding so acoustic. Unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, and I love them sooo much! So of my personal Favorite songs include Kids, Indie Rokkers, Electric Feel, Time to Pretend, Boogie Down, and all these songs remixes, but everything by this ah-mazing group is awesome!

Formerly called Management, they shortened it to MGMT and that is their official band name now. They formed in upstate New York, and now look at them, rising stars! (They rock out loud!)

Their websites (you can listen to many tracks, get merchandise, learn random crap, etc.)

Enjoy them. Love them. Rock out to them while your in the shower and almost slip and fall, then catch yourself but knock down shampoo bottles in the process and cause everyone else to wonder what the heck is going on in there. MGMT rocks out loud!

Also. another thing, my imaginary readers – I ask of you: What are some of your favorite up and coming Indie Synth Rock bands?!?!!


Just a flesh wound…

Eekers oh how I love Monty Mython…

oh shizzle is my geek showing?

naw, can’t be…. darn yes it is. sigh……

In other news, I have a huge essay composition due abt Faith through the Holocaust – a rather huge and diverse subject to cover if you ask me, but it’s due uber soon so there is no time for change now. So, if anyone out there has any info about this what-so-ever, let me know.

Oh wait, I forgot, no one reads this blog. Shizzle.


How often does one make blog posts?

a is the usual, everyday, every week, every other weekend, every 2 hours?!?!

Hey buddies, check out my quotablequotes page. I was thinking of adding my own page of Phrases and Philosophies page, make use of cyber space, go all Oscar Wilde on you all.

In other news, (in case my zero readers are wondering), I am going to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert around Thanksgiving with my family, then pretty soon I’m heading to a MGMT concert 😀 Go music! I love going to concerts, thought that doesn’t happen very much:(

In other news – Nanowrimo it up baby!!!:D


I have Duke Ellington playing. Believe it or not I had befriended an older man who is related to my dad’s girlfriend somewhere along the line, he was suffering terribly from alzheimer’s disease, and I always had to play duke ellington around him because he thought he was back in WW2 sometimes. He told me to keep the music volume soft, or the Nazi Youth might catch us for listening to swing. He was great. He died last week. Fred was a great guy, but he was lost a while ago. This is why I’m listening to Duke Ellington.

National Novel Writing Month: Nanowrimo – Do it!

For all you people even remotely creative in any way, shape or form, I have found the perfect brain marathon for you. Write a novel by November 30th. That’s right folks, Nation Novel Writing Month is upon us, and as I have joined late, I’m only on 6,000 words when by tonight I should be at 13k!!! The terror.

So, my book may just be the worst novel ever written, but at least you can say you finished it! You won NaNoWrimo!!! Nanowrimo forces anyone at any age writing in literally any genre imaginable to write, as some people (such as myself) have trouble at finishing many things. I myself am also a huge procrastinator, otherwise I get nothing done, so this ‘race’ (call it what you will) shall be nerve wrecking and very interesting. For me. And you too if you just start already!

And for you non-creative folk… go eat some funions and watch Napolaen Dynomite… I have no idea what you people spend your time doing!

I suggest you all go to

They also have many other months, as in April I’m entering the Script writing frenzy!!!

Enjoy, goodluck to all!